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Re: about the Company

David Granoff – CEO of Logistics and Web Consultant, specializing in Photography, Research, Writing, Customer Support, Web design, and Tourism.

Regarding Web Design :

David Granoff has engaged in scientific research and publishing, web design and web management for professionals and organizations for over 25 years. He specializes in science and feature writing, photography, and tourism; and has served as a PR consultant for Resort Condominums International, Watson’s Regency Hotel, NJ. and others …

According to Granoff, ‘Municipal and Tourism Websites must be compelling, easy to navigate, and inspirational to the visitor, both visually and intellectually. Surfing should take on a unique mood and character that complements the subjects and topics being presented. A successful on line media site is one that delivers a positive experience to the reader – thanks to a blend of photographic impressions and pleasing page designs that deliver useful and understandable content. Our goal is to tastefully show the world what our client has to offer, and from there it’s up to the merits of the material being presented to forge the bond.’

The most recent project is a New Tourism website which Features the City of Oswego, NY at . The City of Oswego has a wealth of assets to promote –

‘The distinctive combination of a no-hype tourism website and accompanying social media presentation in VisitOswegoNY provides the viewer with colorful and pertinent information, and imparts the feeling that the content is alive and fresh. An important goal is to encourage viewers to come back and revisit the site again, in order to discover new things. On line images, and description of attractions and services, favorably highlight the City. 

The site is not funded by a DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) at this time, and is being offered as a guide for Tourists, free-of-charge, to the local municipality. It serves as a stand-alone reference, and can be accessed easily by SEO search, and through a dynamic network of links and references.’

Blackburn GraphicsNews Release, September 2013: Logistics in Design, LLC. has engaged the Award-winning Web design Company, Blackburn Graphics, to develop a platform and hosting plan for Logistic’s New City of Oswego, NY. Tourism website @ .

The site was created and populated by Logistics at no cost to the local City or County taxpayers. The hosting costs and and maintenance fees are being provided by Logistics free of charge, as a public service; and its purpose is to foster positive Public Relations and promote Tourism within the City of Oswego and surrounding areas.

The accompanying free Facebook tourism page at was also created by Logistics to provide day by day updates of interesting activities in the City. It is designed, maintained, and owned privately by Logistics, at no cost to the local City or County taxpayers.

Blackburn Graphics was recently awarded Central NY Business Journal’s prestigious award “The areas’s largest web design and development firm” in 2013!

More information about Blackburn Graphics is available at

NEW !! News Release, March 2014: Logistics in Design, LLC. is pleased to announce an affiliation with the Professional Photographer Beth Clark, the President of Beth Clark Photography in Oswego, NY. Her award-winning Images are Featured in various projects on the web including the popular tourism website and accompanying Facebook pages at

Beth Clark Photography specializes in Nature, Sports, Wedding, Portraiture, and Action Photography.

  bethclarklogo2  IMG_9336_B  driftwood_daisys_rgb_  CrashingWavesBestStraight

“Beth’s photography often focuses on spontaneous moments, that preserve the subject’s activity and mood. When rendered in artistic composition, the images display both expression and depth.”

To learn more about her work, visit the Beth Clark Photography Facebook site at or contact her at

Welcome to Logistics in Design, LLC …

‘Our mission is to improve municipal Tourism opportunities through the use of creative website design and effective management techniques.’

LogisticsLogo_100Logistics in Design, LLC. uses an interactive management approach that combines Fresh ideas with traditional website designs to achieve the desired goals for municipal, organizational, and professional organizations.

We Specialize in:

            • Individualized website evaluations – that focus on a site’s ability to convey the client’s Visions and Purpose.
            • Consultative suggestions – to improve website appearance, navigation, and marketing impact.
            • Professional photographic and presentation development services – that enhance marketing impact, through the use of dynamic imagery of events / presentations.
            • Research, creative writing, and editing services – to streamline a site’s functionality for targeted audiences.
            • Customized management services – to keep a site fresh, functioning properly, and up-to-date.

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Photographic Impact

Steven J. TryonSteven J. Tryon – Professional Photographer and Instructor Photography, Writing, Site Development, Coffee Tasting

‘Imagery is a key element of any quality website, and Steven brings a rich professional career of Internet-related experiences to Logistics In Design, LLC. As a very early adopter of Internet technologies, he began sharing the power of the Internet to customers back when Internet connections were few and far between and when the concept of a web site was pretty difficult for most people to understand.’

With exceptional photography, effective and efficient writing, a strong sense of graphic design, and periodic doses of well-placed humor, Steven is available to serve as an independent contributor to improve your project, as part of our team. Creative imagery is definitely the way to go! To learn more about Steven and his work, visit his personal web site, at

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