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Site Management by the Pros –

Site ManagementThe All-in one Solution vs. Hybrid management –

‘Individuals, organizations, and small businesses often prefer to outsource the maintenance of their site to an independent manager. This arrangement assures that all aspects of their website will continue to perform as expected. In certain instances, outsourcing may be more cost-effective than in-house management.’

Some owners prefer a hybrid approach to site management. This allows them to continue to oversee and manage certain parts of their site while the Site Manager oversees the rest.

An Independend Manager :

          • closely follows the instructions and intentions of the Client.
          • publishes timely updated materials, and supervises modifications and operations.
          • assures maximal web visibility through ongoing SEO monoitoring and analysis.
          • frees up a Client’s valuable time.
          • provides helpful advice and problem solving skills whenever needed.

Businesses, municipalities and individuals who can benefit from independent website management include:

          • Hotels, Travel agencies, Travel blogs
          • Small Businesses – Restaurant owners, Shops, Store fronts, local enterprises
          • Towns, Municipalities, Cities, and Local Governments
          • Organizations and Religious institutions
          • Clubs, Museums, Special Event hosts, Entertainers
          • Charities, and Non-profits
          • Professionals

Logistics in Design, LLC can give you a detailed description about the specifics of website management.

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Behind the Scenes: the Professionals

Logistics In Design, LLC has a consultative team of web developers, graphic designers, programmers, and photographers – who assist with the professional creation of web-based materials for our clients.


Having a respect for History

DWMoodys Birds Eye Map of Oswego 1855

‘At Logistics In Design, LLC, it is our strong belief that the Internet serves as a valuable tool for sharing, referring to, and building upon the experiences of history. Strong websites often contain references to past events, milestones, and appropriate accomplishments, to position their pages within a continuum of forward motion. Historical references can validate a current claim of success, provide an interesting knowledge base for readers, and contribute to the importance of immediate goals and future aspirations.’

Logistics in Design can offer ideas about how to integrate Historical heritage into the present and future visions for your municipality or organization.

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