Welcome to Logistics in Design, LLC …

‘Our mission is to improve municipal Tourism opportunities through the use of creative website design and effective management techniques.’

LogisticsLogo_100Logistics in Design, LLC. uses an interactive management approach that combines Fresh ideas with traditional website designs to achieve the desired goals for municipal, organizational, and professional organizations.

We Specialize in:

            • Individualized website evaluations – that focus on a site’s ability to convey the client’s Visions and Purpose.
            • Consultative suggestions – to improve website appearance, navigation, and marketing impact.
            • Professional photographic and presentation development services – that enhance marketing impact, through the use of dynamic imagery of events / presentations.
            • Research, creative writing, and editing services – to streamline a site’s functionality for targeted audiences.
            • Customized management services – to keep a site fresh, functioning properly, and up-to-date.

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